Thursday, March 07, 2013

the big red motor bike

Have who  ever ridden a motorbike?

I have infact I have ridden heaps of motorbikes. My dad has a Quad bike and some of my friends have motorbikes too. Whizz zoom past flies the red motorbike it feels great riding in the cool summer  breeze powering round and round the orchard. I haven't got any protective gear but I have shoes. Sometimes I pick up bins with the trailer from the workers . Boom smash I accidentally drove straight over a massive bump driving 40k per hour luckily all the fruit were ok. Dun dun dun Matthew had smashed the trailer into a pole and took out the pole it was  lying there like a lonely little panda.Now I go all round the orchard really carefully but that doesn't slow me down I still go pretty quick  .But if we put fruit on the trailer I  drive a lot slower.


  1. Sam that story is awesome its way out of my writing limit.
    From Henry

  2. excellent Samuel, I like how you changed the words colors and what is safe or not safe to go fast
    from Marcus

  3. It was not me who crashed it Sam, it was Ben. Good description. I like the part about the lonley little panda and cool summer breeze. It's a good piece of writing.

    From Matthew


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