Monday, July 08, 2013

Day 6 London

The change of the Guards at Buckinham Palace
Today in London at 12 am (12 pm N.Z time.), we saw all the Guards swap. They followed musicians and there was one guard that was telling everybody what to do. They stepped exactly the same step & there was one horse with a police cop at the front and one at the back. The one at the back whistled at girl that ran straight into the middle and started to dance. The guards wore big red coats and big Cossack hats Cossack hat are black and tall and were very fluffy and leather boots. Then we went to hamleys.


After changing of the guards. I went to Hamleys. In case you do not know what Hamleys is it is the oldest and largest toy shop in the world. It is six storey’s high. There was heaps of staff blowing bubbles demonstrating toys or giving us advice. There was one game where you shoot a plastic gun towards cans and they would pop of onto the ground. I got a helicopter that is unbreakable, it can change speed, it can fly outside, you can fly up to 10 aircrafts in the same time and it is red!!!!!


  1. Awesome Sam! I see your enjoying your time in London, I have that game when you shoot the plastic gun and these cans fall of a plastic log. But when you aim it at people or animals they get seriously sore stomachs and heads. But great story, I can't believe that toy store was 6 stories high!

  2. Wow Sam!
    It sounds like the days that you are having are getting better and better!
    I think that Hamleys sounds awesome!
    Seeing the guards would have been amazing!
    Well done:-)

  3. Awesome Sam,
    It sounds like you are having fun in London.
    What has been your favorite thing so far in London.
    Well done your writing is awesome.
    Have fun.

    1. I have heaps of favourites but one f them was diney land

  4. Wow Sam!!
    Your lucky to go to the Hamleys,
    you must have seen heaps of toys you wanted to see!
    Great story and recount, keep up the good work Sam!!

  5. Awesome Samuel that is amazing. how munch longer do you got in England.
    what is the color of the horse and you story is fantastic as well.
    well done Samuel.

  6. Cool Sam.
    That sounds so fun. I wish I was there.
    Did you get any photos?
    Hamleys seems like a BIG toy shop.
    I really like reading your holiday story's.
    Keep it up Sam.

  7. Awesome. London must really be an awesome experience to go to. And I like the toy house. It sounds awesome. And you said it was 6 stories high. That is really brilliant. Well done:)

  8. Your so lucky Sam, I wish I was there but i'm not. :-(
    But its awesome that you got a toy helicopter.
    Have fun. :-)

  9. Awesome Sam great work keep it up I like it don't stop that blogging okay it is fantastic. Keep it up.

  10. Wow lucky
    you are making blog post they are so cool to read
    keep it up
    did you see the queen?

  11. Wow Sam sounds like your having A LOT OF FUN.
    I can't believe that you went to the biggest toy shop in the world.


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