Thursday, November 07, 2013

Ninja Pig


The new animal, Ninja Pig has formed  and did you know that he can do a triple back flip kick? Ninja Pig is Spider Pig’s brother ( the Movie star off the Simpsons), so don’t mess with Ninja Pig!!!

Ninja Pig is made out of a Ninja and a Pig, When you put them together it makes, Ninja Pig. Ninja Pig comes from a galaxy way up in space. He sleeps at day and  karate chops at night. If you come across  ninja pig he will karate chop your head off and backwards kick your arms off for his midnight snack.

Ninja Pig is not afraid of anything except for light, so always take a torch when you go out at night. This creature is rare but will strike without warning so next time you go out at night remember a light or Ninja Pig with strike. He approaches without a sign and is as heavy as a full bottle of wine.

Ninja pig is round and has a black suit with red flames around the outside of his suit. The flamed suit is indestructible and he carries his machete and Ak47 on his belt, he uses them to kill his enemies. If you see him put his hand in his mouth, you’re dead! It is special poison that only ninja pigs can survive you will die instantly.

Ninja Pig’s main diet is humans, but when he gets sick of human flesh he moves onto takeaways. You might see him at Carls Junior, McDonald's, Burger king, Mac's fish & chips, KFC and his favourite is Westermans.

When he catches you he kills you and takes the blood, eye balls and testicals out and freezes them for an ice block. Next time you go out and about be sure to watch out for Ninja Pig.
Written by me and Josh


  1. Awesome work Sam, this monster is...creeeeeeeeeeeeeeepy...
    and please, not the the Machete and ak47 together, its to powerful.
    Keep up the good work. :-)

  2. Nice Sam!
    I don't want to run into that Ninja Pig.
    Keep up the great work!

  3. Well done Sam!
    That's amazing!
    I like that you made a speech bubble.
    Keep it up Sam!

  4. Well done Sam.
    What is Westermans?
    Keep it up!

  5. Awesome Ninja pig report Sam!
    I like the drawing of it,
    keep up the great posts! :)


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