Thursday, November 07, 2013

Centripetal Force


I predict that the faster you go the lighter it will get and the less water will spill. the water will stay at the side on the side at the back. If you spin it fast enough it he gravity should not harm the water.
Variables we must control:
each bucket filled to the 2 mark to ensure they have the same amount of water.
spin the same direction.

make sure they are bothe the same size.

to make sure the object weighs the same.

so they start the same and finish the same.
everybody holds it on the same angle.

You hold the bucket exactly on the same angle and spin around holden the bucket inwards haveing a look aat the water. You have to try and keep as much water as you can in your bucket. All you need is a bucket and water.

Was your prediction correct? I was correct  except for when I thought it would go to the back but it just stayed still. What happened and why?The centripetal force kept it still inside the bucket. The faster you spun the lighter it went the more it wanted to fall out and the gravity made it hard to start to lift the bucket at the start.

Yay I am doing it

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