Saturday, August 31, 2013

Maths on Population

Here is my maths that I have been working on for the last couple of days.

PopulationOf continents

Most populousCityPopulation
AmericaSao Paulo19627582

DensityOf continentsPer KM'2

Thursday, August 29, 2013

My Report on the Lion Tailed Macaque

Here is my report on the lion tailed macaque.

Lion Tailed Macaque
This is my report on my lion tailed macaque, it is a type of monkey. I choose this animal because it looks really fascinating and amazing animal, read more to find out all the interesting facts.

This is the food that the lion tailed macaque eats:
fruit, leaves, stems, flowers, buds, fungi, insects, lizards, tree frogs, small mammals, wood and  bark.
This animal is a omnivore which means it can eat anything.

The Habitat
The macaque lives in the evergreen broadleaf monsoon forest. It is quite a tropical and wet home for the macaque. It is in the southeast part of India.
This is animals that are found in a similar habitat
blond titi monkey, masked titi and madame berthe's mouse lemur.  

Lion-tailed macaques are 40 to 61 cm in length, with the tail adding extra 24 to 38 cm. Males  weigh between 5 and 10 kg, but the  females weigh only 3 to 6 kg.

Their behavior is very vicious and they are not scared of much. They have massive canine teeth for eating  small mammals. They travel in groups of about 10-20 but the most someone has found is 34.

Average life span
The average lifespan in captivity is 30 years and the average lifespan in the wild is 20 years.

Some of the other places macaque are found:
Kerala, Silent Valley National Park and Theni District all in India.

I hope you enjoyed my report. I'm sure you found some interesting facts about this amazing furry monkey. To find out more visit this site 12 animals from India

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Bread Pakora

Indian cooking with Mrs Kalkat!
We have done cooking with Inderpreet’s mum. We cooked bread Pakora. This is an Indian snack you have with tea. This is how to make it and the ingredients and equipment.

Step 1:  Put Chickpeas into bowl (4 tablespoons).
step 2: Add herbs, mix with water to make mixture.
step 3: Cut bread into slices however you want like triangles.
step 4: Dip it in mixture you made earlier.  
Step 5: Drop a tab of flower in the vegetable oil to  if it is hot enough it will bubble.
step 6: Fry the bread in the vegetable oil.
step 7: Take it out and wait for it to cool down until it’s warmish.  
Step 8: Eat it and enjoy it!
It tastes delicious,  have a go!!!

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Letter to Ken Catran

Dear Ken Catran,
Your book was great although I got a bit creeped out at times like when they would pop out all their bones and eyes. I really thought Anna and Sam were going to die in those last two chapters. I really got surprised when the murderers walked into the room because I never thought it would be teachers/librarians especially  Mrs Mills she seemed so nice until the last chapter.

My favourite characters were Sam/Mr Rudd. Sam because he was always there and was a great friend to harry, and always our class had a debate on was he a murderer or was he a cop, we found out he was a cop.  Harry was right up there but at times like when he only showed one eye right before he was going to eat it that put me off choosing him.

My class loved the book so much that some of us made trailers. Here is the trailer that my group did. Can you guess who is who.

Here is my favourite chapter. My favourite chapter was the last one because it was so exciting and the way our teacher read it it made it really exiting and every time he would stop the class would want to read more. Everyone enjoyed the Dead harry book.

Thank you very much that was very inspiring book
yours sincerely,
Samuel Halford Parkvale school

Monday, August 12, 2013

My Poem

vocaroo Rugby boot
I am a rugby boot  dirty  as ever
I wish I was a human eating tacos
I am just Daniel Carter’s left boot
The only time I enjoy is when I get cleaned and when I get a kick over.
My only friend is a a right rugby boot
Humans are lucky and charmed
I wish I could scream at my owner to clean me.  


Saturday, August 10, 2013

My Dragon Bob

The Little Dragon
By Samuel Halford
The fierce little dragon flys of my fingers and sets fire to the city and burning all the houses and buildings. When the dragon came back he looked as proud as a soldier but when I asked him what did he do The dragon went red all over because he was embarrassed. When I walked outside I froze I mumbled “my house my job,”Now I will have move and you mister are going to dragon school “ I burnt that down to,”.  “There is one house not burned MY ONE!!!!!!” You could of at least not burnt pak n save “ sorry,” I stroll down the wall with bob the dragon. “ Ain’t nothing going to break my stride ain’t nothing going to slow me down o no I am the only only one with house,  yes me,”. Because there are no supplies we will move to a fantastic spot called hawkes bay it is in New zealand The dragon jumps with joy on the long plane trip to new zealand dragon had a massive sleep and when he woke up he started to watch curious george  follow that monkey when he landed in hawkes bay he just fainting with happiness .

When he is a Teenager
Practising his kicking from halfway, Bob was super excited because it was his 100th game for N.Z dragons under 21’s. He was first five and they were playing France, their bogey team. He lived in a massive house with his girlfriend Stacey and they have a rugby field (with posts) and a 50 by 8 metre pool and a large spa. Saturday comes, 10 minutes before kick off, Bob sprints on the field with 10 on his back.  Two  minutes later the team runs on and so does France. Bob kicks the ball and runs up to tackle but instead gets an intercept and scores the first try. What a way to play your 100th game says Jonah Lomu’s dragon, Richie. I kick the ball straight between the posts,7-0 it says on the scoreboard. France lose their heads soon it  is 12-0 then I get the conversion 14-0, 1 minute to go till the first half. I kick of straight to their full back and he has completely lost his head so he kicks it out. Half time in the changing shed  our coach has a talk to us about tackling and about  how proud he was of us.

We go back on and they kick to our flanker Henry he runs straight up the guts and he gets tackled and the tackler does not roll away so we get a penalty at half way. I chose to take the shot if i get it, it will be the biggest kick ever to go over from the tea.  I go back 4  steps then across 3 then around 2 and then I kick and get it over. I celebrate all the crowd is cheering. Then all of french lose it (especially the kicker because he kicks it backwards) and then the full whistle blow so I get ready to take a drop goal and get it over. Everyone runs on the field yelling my name. After at the ceremony talking about being the first ever dragon to play 100 games then I get presented my cap I feel so proud it is just like my beginners cap except I worked way harder to get this cap.  Then I go home and relax in the spa and I heard the awesome news my girlfriend had just had her baby dragon it was a boy they named it Jonny. The next day I was teaching how to pass and kick a rugby ball.   


Jonny   Stacey

Friday, August 02, 2013

wilde beest writing

“Look at the crocodile, zebra,” said Zebra Number 1.
“You need to go to specsavers, it’s a log,” said Zebra 2.
“NO I don’t it’s just super foggy!!” said Zebra Number 1.
Zebra Number 1 picks up a coconut and tries to throw it at the crocodile but misses and hits Zebra 2.
“Follow me I am taking you to specsavers right now,” demands Zebra 2.
“No I am going to step on him to prove to you he is a crocodile,” said Zebra Number 1.
“Go on then!!!” said Zebra Number 2.
He bounds onto the crocodile  3, 2, 1... SNAP!!!
'While at least I did not have to spend money on his glasses" said zebra 2.  
“Look at that log,” said Zebra Number 3.
“It’s a crocodile!!” said Zebra Number 2.
“No it’s not,” said Zebra Number 3.
“Step on it,” said Zebra Number 2.
While Zebra 3 was stepping on the crocodile the Zebra Number 2 calls for his herd “ watch this,”

The End

Here is a i fake text image:

Here is a link to the video I got inspired by Wilde beest video

My Favourite Things

This is my presentation for some of my favourite things in life so far. Hope you enjoy and please leave a comment.
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