Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Quake rattle and roll

This is my Timetoast I made for Quake Rattle and roll. I got all these Earth Quakes from inside the book. Hope you enjoy. Here is the link to where I got the photos NZ Earthquakes.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Disneyland Paris

 Disney land  
Today in Paris  I went to Disney land. We went to the boring movie theme park first.
I did not go on any rides but I saw an epic car show, it was super awesome to watch. The funniest part I thought was when one the motorcyclist  got cought on fire and started running around like a madman and then he collapses on the ground and gets sprayed by foam.  We were going to go on crush's coaster but the line was outrages so we flagged  it & we went to a Mexican restaurant. It was delicious. Then we went on a ride called thrill mountain it was one of my favourite rides. Next ride was pirates of the carribian  ride you walked through this long tunnel with effects of pirates and skulls. Then we hoped on a roller  coaster in water and saw whole lot of awesome effects. Next was space mountain mission 2 it was boring. They did not even lock your head in properly. I hut my eyes for most of it.  I felt all dizzy afterwards, mum hated it too but dad, Liske & Matthew all loved it. Then we went on these cars, we made a friend in the line and I smashed into him at a stop sign and then the momentum was so hard he hit Matthew but what was so funny that he got told off, not me. Then we watched a parade of all the famous Disney characters the most famous is Mickey. Then we went on a phantom ride Liske tried to say she was not scared when she was hugging mum when this ghost speaked.  By that time it was 10 o'clock at night so time to go home.

It was a good way to end France.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Eiffel Tower

Eiffel tower

Today in France I went to the Eiffel tower. We queued for ages but finally we got tickets and went up a lift to the second floor. Did you know France have a Ferris wheel too. You could see the whole of Paris but we were not allowed on the top floor because there was already 400 and there was only allowed 400. By the Eiffel tower there were heaps of people selling tower replicas trying to say they made them but I saw on the bottom of one it said made in China. The French special police were carrying machine guns it was freaky.  We also went to the Arc de Triomphe which is where the Tour de France finishes. Then we went on a boat ride down the river Seine in Paris(I did not like it that much). It would tell about all the famous riverside things. Then we went for crepes I had a sugar crepe and it was delicious. Just because it was covered in sugar.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 2 London

London Eye
On Friday The fifth of July I went on the London Eye. There was a massive queue but it went quite speedy. Finally it was my turn I sat down on the seat and asked mum we she worked she worked in a tall building with a funny top. Finally the Ferris wheel started It went really slow But finally we got to the top now I know why it takes 45 mins. It was way quicker going down I saw Big Ben. When I hopped off we eat lunch and then were supposed to go to Wimbledon.

The Amazing acrobats
When we went to go to Wimbledon we spotted some amazing acrobats  There was one dude that moved his hands from his chest all the way back with him putting his hands behind him under his legs and done as hard as that. There was a guy that went under the limbo about 30 cm high. There was another guy they put his feet over his head and the put him in a tray and carried him around. My second favourite one they made a ship out of people. My favourite one he carried a tray on three long sticks and one knife.
IMG 0609 from Room16 Parkvale on Vimeo.

IMG 0608 from Room16 Parkvale on Vimeo.
Wimbledon Tennis

As we walked through the gates I was getting Exited finally we were in the stadium we saw N.Jockaviche play de Porto it was the longest semi-final in history. During the game mum gave me 10 pound to by me Liske Matthew a drink. We were coming back Matthew dropped the drink so he said that one is for Liske. When we got back we gave it to her she opened it up and it fizzed all over her shorts and sandals. After that game we watched the first set of Murray’s game he was down 1 set to nil. Then we went home

Monday, July 08, 2013

Day 6 London

The change of the Guards at Buckinham Palace
Today in London at 12 am (12 pm N.Z time.), we saw all the Guards swap. They followed musicians and there was one guard that was telling everybody what to do. They stepped exactly the same step & there was one horse with a police cop at the front and one at the back. The one at the back whistled at girl that ran straight into the middle and started to dance. The guards wore big red coats and big Cossack hats Cossack hat are black and tall and were very fluffy and leather boots. Then we went to hamleys.


After changing of the guards. I went to Hamleys. In case you do not know what Hamleys is it is the oldest and largest toy shop in the world. It is six storey’s high. There was heaps of staff blowing bubbles demonstrating toys or giving us advice. There was one game where you shoot a plastic gun towards cans and they would pop of onto the ground. I got a helicopter that is unbreakable, it can change speed, it can fly outside, you can fly up to 10 aircrafts in the same time and it is red!!!!!

Sunday, July 07, 2013

My First Full day in London


Kingston-upon-Thames is a hospital where I got born. We went to visit it on the 4 of July in London. We are also going to visit the training ground were dad trained for rugby and were I used to live. I went inside and took a look around because we took Liske to a doctor. Dad showed me were the department were I was born. Mum took Liske inside so she did not tell us anything.  

The house I used to live in

Straight after Liske came out we went to the house I used to live in. They lived in a little apartment and Jarrod Cunningham lived on the apartment top of them. They lived in Biggin Hill Close. Then we walked to the playground it was very small. Then we walked to the river and Dad told us he used to see foxes.

 London Irish

When I saw how good the fields looked I did not want to go back to Havelock. The fields were nicely mowed and had strips one strip dark green and light green. Then we saw dad’s picture on the wall for one hundred games for London Irish. Then we went home and had a swim. 

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Ocean Park

Walking through the gates was epic seeing so many people walk through the gate!!! We were walking to the train to go to all The rides when a man grabbed me and says smile and took a photo I felt a bit creeped out. Then I hopped on the train. When I hoped off the train and I saw the picture of me it was in a SNOW GLOBE!!! The first ride I went on was the dodgems it was all right   but the next ride was way better it was the Rapids. You went round and round on a big tube thing going down mini water falls and getting splashed it was FUN!!! We walked through the seal apartment and saw a seal getting his teeth brushed by a man. then we went to the log ride it was the best first you go through a tunnel and get sprayed by water then you go up a lift in a log then we went down a slide  then we went straight down getting soaked then you go through to the finished. Then I moved to the space wheel. It went round and round and at one stage it tipped upside down  it was scary  I was screaming.

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