Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Letter to Ken Catran

Dear Ken Catran,
Your book was great although I got a bit creeped out at times like when they would pop out all their bones and eyes. I really thought Anna and Sam were going to die in those last two chapters. I really got surprised when the murderers walked into the room because I never thought it would be teachers/librarians especially  Mrs Mills she seemed so nice until the last chapter.

My favourite characters were Sam/Mr Rudd. Sam because he was always there and was a great friend to harry, and always our class had a debate on was he a murderer or was he a cop, we found out he was a cop.  Harry was right up there but at times like when he only showed one eye right before he was going to eat it that put me off choosing him.

My class loved the book so much that some of us made trailers. Here is the trailer that my group did. Can you guess who is who.

Here is my favourite chapter. My favourite chapter was the last one because it was so exciting and the way our teacher read it it made it really exiting and every time he would stop the class would want to read more. Everyone enjoyed the Dead harry book.

Thank you very much that was very inspiring book
yours sincerely,
Samuel Halford Parkvale school


  1. Cool Letter Sam!
    Your video is cool,
    the letter was pretty inspiring too.
    You keep up the amazing work! :)

  2. Great letter Sam. Interesting to read & felt that you meant every word you wrote. Enjoying your work!

  3. Great Job Sam! Your letter was outstanding. The story sounds creepy. Your trailer was amazing. I wonder What you will do next?


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