Friday, July 26, 2013

Disneyland Paris

 Disney land  
Today in Paris  I went to Disney land. We went to the boring movie theme park first.
I did not go on any rides but I saw an epic car show, it was super awesome to watch. The funniest part I thought was when one the motorcyclist  got cought on fire and started running around like a madman and then he collapses on the ground and gets sprayed by foam.  We were going to go on crush's coaster but the line was outrages so we flagged  it & we went to a Mexican restaurant. It was delicious. Then we went on a ride called thrill mountain it was one of my favourite rides. Next ride was pirates of the carribian  ride you walked through this long tunnel with effects of pirates and skulls. Then we hoped on a roller  coaster in water and saw whole lot of awesome effects. Next was space mountain mission 2 it was boring. They did not even lock your head in properly. I hut my eyes for most of it.  I felt all dizzy afterwards, mum hated it too but dad, Liske & Matthew all loved it. Then we went on these cars, we made a friend in the line and I smashed into him at a stop sign and then the momentum was so hard he hit Matthew but what was so funny that he got told off, not me. Then we watched a parade of all the famous Disney characters the most famous is Mickey. Then we went on a phantom ride Liske tried to say she was not scared when she was hugging mum when this ghost speaked.  By that time it was 10 o'clock at night so time to go home.

It was a good way to end France.


  1. Wow Samuel!
    You are having a fascinating time in Paris!
    What ride was the best for you?
    Well done great post:)

  2. Awesome Samuel!
    All those rides sound so fun!
    What one was your favorite?
    Well done:-)

  3. Wow Samuel sounds like you had a lot of fun in Paris.
    Well done

  4. Great work Samuel!
    You have a awesome recount of France on that very day,
    it must have been fun on all those rides.
    Well done!!

  5. Awesome Samuel,
    It sounds like you had fun in Paris.
    What was your favorite part there?
    Well done!

  6. Nice work Samuel Keep it up!

  7. WOW Samuel you master had fun there

  8. "Wow" Sam it really sounds like you had lots of fun when you were in paris
    and Disneyland. Well done :-)

  9. Disney land sounds great Sam! Except for the boring parts!


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