Sunday, July 07, 2013

My First Full day in London


Kingston-upon-Thames is a hospital where I got born. We went to visit it on the 4 of July in London. We are also going to visit the training ground were dad trained for rugby and were I used to live. I went inside and took a look around because we took Liske to a doctor. Dad showed me were the department were I was born. Mum took Liske inside so she did not tell us anything.  

The house I used to live in

Straight after Liske came out we went to the house I used to live in. They lived in a little apartment and Jarrod Cunningham lived on the apartment top of them. They lived in Biggin Hill Close. Then we walked to the playground it was very small. Then we walked to the river and Dad told us he used to see foxes.

 London Irish

When I saw how good the fields looked I did not want to go back to Havelock. The fields were nicely mowed and had strips one strip dark green and light green. Then we saw dad’s picture on the wall for one hundred games for London Irish. Then we went home and had a swim. 


  1. What a wonderful day, Samuel.

    I love the connections you are making to your family's time living in London. London Irish sounds like a fantastic rugby club. You must be so proud of your Dad playing 100 games for them!

  2. Wow Sam,
    Awesome writing, it sound like you are having a awesome time.
    In London do they speak a different language.
    Have a awesome time.
    Well done.

    1. Yes Olivia
      english speak english

  3. Awesome Sam!
    It sounds as if you are having a wonderful time over there in London!
    What has been the best thing so far for you.
    I love your writing!
    Well done:-)

  4. Great Sam!
    You are really having an awesome time in London!
    How many things have you enjoyed so far on your trip?
    Did you like staying in Hong Kong?
    How Many days did you stay in Hong Kong for?
    Well done, Keep it up:)

    1. yes I loved staying in honk kong
      and 3

  5. Hi Sam,

    How lucky you are to be revisiting your history! I live in Adelaide, Australia and at the moment it is wet, cold and cloudy all the time. I wonder what the weather is like there in London at the moment? I look forward to reading about other things you manage to do while you are there.

  6. Cool Sam. My sister went to London, and guess what? She got to see the Queen! At first my sister noticed that everyone was crowding a road when she realised that the Queen was coming down the road in her car! (My sister made a video of it and it's really clear.) Great work Sam, I look forward to reading more about your time in London :-).

  7. Great piece of writing Sam.
    It sounds like you learnt a lot about of your history.
    Sam by home do you mean the house that you are living in now or the one that you use to live in?
    Hope you are enjoying your self and cant wait to hear more :)

  8. Great writing Sam,
    Sounds like you are having a great time.
    I have to agree with you the havelock rugby
    Grounds are not looking great.
    Well done

  9. Amazing work Sam!!!
    Meeting were you where born must have been great!
    Your so lucky to meet some places like London Irish,
    your old and Kingston-Upon-Thames.
    Tell more about your holiday and have a safe trip on the way back.
    Keep up the good work Sam!!!


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