Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Day 2 London

London Eye
On Friday The fifth of July I went on the London Eye. There was a massive queue but it went quite speedy. Finally it was my turn I sat down on the seat and asked mum we she worked she worked in a tall building with a funny top. Finally the Ferris wheel started It went really slow But finally we got to the top now I know why it takes 45 mins. It was way quicker going down I saw Big Ben. When I hopped off we eat lunch and then were supposed to go to Wimbledon.

The Amazing acrobats
When we went to go to Wimbledon we spotted some amazing acrobats  There was one dude that moved his hands from his chest all the way back with him putting his hands behind him under his legs and done as hard as that. There was a guy that went under the limbo about 30 cm high. There was another guy they put his feet over his head and the put him in a tray and carried him around. My second favourite one they made a ship out of people. My favourite one he carried a tray on three long sticks and one knife.
IMG 0609 from Room16 Parkvale on Vimeo.

IMG 0608 from Room16 Parkvale on Vimeo.
Wimbledon Tennis

As we walked through the gates I was getting Exited finally we were in the stadium we saw N.Jockaviche play de Porto it was the longest semi-final in history. During the game mum gave me 10 pound to by me Liske Matthew a drink. We were coming back Matthew dropped the drink so he said that one is for Liske. When we got back we gave it to her she opened it up and it fizzed all over her shorts and sandals. After that game we watched the first set of Murray’s game he was down 1 set to nil. Then we went home


  1. Oh my gosh. That sounds like an awesome experience for you. I really want to go to England. It sounds like lots of fun. Go Sam:)

  2. WOW, London, England sounds so cool! I really want to go there. I hope you have a great time in London, I can't wait for more posts. :-D.

  3. Awesome Sam,
    I like the photo what a cool view.
    The video is so amazing.
    Your writing is awesome.
    Well done.

  4. Cool video and story recount Sam!!!
    The video of the dude with a stick, ball and 2 water bottles was pretty awesome,
    you must have had fun on the London eye.
    You were probably amazed when you saw the guy do all thoughs tricks.
    Keep up the good work Sam!!!

  5. That is Great Sam. sounds like Liske had a wet experience.

  6. It sounds amazing and you had fun it sonuns like it.

  7. Wow Sam,
    You must be having a lot of fun with out me!
    I think I've seen that acrobat in England:)
    You really must have been excited when you saw the Wimbledon!
    Well Done with having fun with out me!

  8. Awesome Sam,
    The London eye sounds awesome.
    Those videos are cool.
    Well done

  9. Woah, That Must of been awesome Sam!
    I really liked your Diary/Documentary!
    Great job!

    Sincerely, Teva Tait.

  10. Wow Sam
    It sounds like you are having a great time.
    I wish I am doing what you are doing at the moment.
    The video was really cool and your writing is awesome.
    Well done :)

  11. Wow Sam, cool videos.
    Now I really wan't to be there.
    I have herd amazing story's about the London eye.
    Another extraordinary reflection on your day in London.
    Keep it up Sam!

  12. Wow Sam!
    Seeing that man must have been amazing!
    It sounds as if you are having a awesome time.
    Well done:-)

  13. Hi Liske and the Halfords

    Room 11 couldn't believe how slow the London eye is...they thought you were zooming around! I explained to them it was all about the view. Room 11 looks really cool today. We have dressed up as book characters - Georgia came as Max from Where the wild things are. She won a book called '501 great kiwi jokes'. She is going to tell Dad all of them tonight! Don't forget to e-mail us Liske - We can't wait to hear from you.

    Love from all of Room 11.

  14. Hey Sam & Halford Family
    Sounds like you are having an amazing time, keep up with the great reports Sam. You are making me very jealous. See you when you get home.

  15. Wow Sam this is such a fantastic record of you and your families adventures. Keep it up as you will love looking back at these memories when you are older! I couldn't help but laugh reading about Matthew's decision to give Liske the dropped drink. I guess nothing has changed with him them!! Poor Liske. Send best wishes to your whole family and keep up the writing.Enjoy your trip!

  16. Wow sam you must be enjoying London
    great work

  17. Sounds like a great time is being had by all. I bet you are enjoying the lovely sunshine, not too much of that here at the moment! I am going to London next year for a holiday so getting lots of tips for tourist spots! Happy holiday to all the family!

  18. Wow Samuel!
    I like how put this video on your blog.
    You must've had a fun time in london.
    It is incredible how that man is doing tricks.
    How did make a video of it?
    Well done:)

    1. Recorded on mums phone then emailed to myself then put them onto vimeo then got the embed code and put that in the html the published them.

  19. Hi Sam
    What an amazing time you are having. I would have loved to see the expression on Liske face when she opened the drink. The video was fantastic, are you sure it wasn't a fake leg. Keep having a great time.


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