Friday, June 28, 2013

Camp photos

Here is a presentation of some of my favourite photos and a sentence to go with it. Hope you enjoy.

Name Monster

This is my art that I did with Mrs O'Kane. It is my name transferred into a popping new name with extras.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Camp Reflection

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was to respect the cultural heritage.

I achieved this because I did not kick trees and snap branches.

Something I was pleased with was I completed every task (except for lou’s look out because we did not  go. )
It was awesome and because we chose to go down a rope and see some glow worms.
I really enjoyed learning all about the kereru.
Did you know that the kereru makes a loud sound when it soars through the sky?
Something I found hard was dodge-ball.
Something that made me think was the confidence course. I was thinking if I should flip or not. I flipped!

Top 5 things at camp were :
Favourite Things
Reason Why
because I loved seeing wetas and glow worms.

because of how fun going round and round talking to mates and bumping into to friends.
because it was fun hitting Josh and others but it was extremely hard to hit Teva
4. Burma trail
because of walking through the track having people grab your leg crag
because of how exciting to see a kiwi and it’s egg for the first time

Monday, June 24, 2013

Confidence Course and Kayaking

I had just finished the pipeline when we entered the confidence course. It was awesome.  First we jumped from stepping  stone to stepping stone. Now we moved to the long planks of wood. It was EXTREME!!!! Now we swing from bar to bar on the monkey bars. Straight after we head to the big wall and the small wall. I chose the small wall just so I have enough energy for later. Then we climb up this triangular wall and slide down the other side. Now I am onto the the tyres. I crawl through the first one knowing that it will be challenging, first one completed three to go. Straight after I could see the next part of the confidence course. It was the ropes .Jason,(nikita’s dad) suggested to flip of the rope but we were not allowed because they did not know that it was safe. So, we climbed over and it was just as fun. Now my favorite part the wire bridge second to last activity. I walked my way across doing 180’s I hopped off. Then used the rope to climb up the hill, and then sprinted back to the start.

Paddling round and round lake Kaitawa was EXTREME!!!!!“Left right left right” Henry demanded when I paddled.  David called us in we went speeding Straight to him. He showed us a few thing then we started to practice them. Then he called us in again who wants to play tag, I shouted yes then told us he was in and it was build up  tag. So we went to hide in the flax but then Mr M called us to come in so we went zooming straight to shore. Next I hoped In a kayak With Liam Then David called whoever touches the back of my kayak with their hands wins a lemonade. So me and liam were so thirsty we had to win so we tried and tried but nothing worked not even  throwing the paddle at david and asking for it back. so liam could touch him. So about after 10 minutes of trying we went in. My last person I went with was Bree after about 5 minutes of kayaking Liam and Crighton won apparently they touched David I was not watching so I do not know. then we went and wet Mrs Gibson and Mrs Patial we drove them nuts. Here are some photos of kayaking.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I crawl through on my hands and knees it feels awesome. Caving is super fun seeing wetas and glow worms and walking through caves and squeezing through tight gaps. This is a great experience. Wow look how many wetas there  are, there is heaps and heaps of them. Wow Josh “look how big that weta is it is about the size of my hand” now I turn to look at the other side look there is a hole family of wetas in this cave we can see heaps of all shapes and sizes there is a big weta crawling on his small feet that one is not as big as the one we saw before. We have finally end. That was a awesome cave now we stop we have just about finished. Last cave. We walk through the first half this cave is very long I say in my head. Now I can see Miss Hill I can see she is telling Crighton to go down carefully. He does. The next thing I hear is Mr M screaming his head off because of the water. Now it is my turn I try to keep my feet dry so I follow Henry and sit and move my way across but in the middle of this brilliant idea we had to hope down because I might have broken my leg. So I walked through the icky sticky water I do not blame Mr M for screaming it  is revolting nothing but revolting icky sticky water. Now it feels like I am walking on jelly but the fun is not over.

Now we get to go down a rope into a pitch black hole I can’t wait we are all so excited now it is my turn I freak out I grip the rope lower and lower I go. Now I can not go any further. I’m here now I walk to the back and see David inside so I chose to go down another hole. I squeeze my myself and finally get through. It feels quite  awesome to of got this opportunity. Now we crawl through the holes then climb out. Then Crighton shows us out. Then all of a sudden all the torches turn off in a flash just as someone came out we scare them (but they don’t look so scared.) Then we climb down the ladder and sprint to the car that was an awesome experience I say in my head.

Friday, June 14, 2013

The Master Rata Quizz

This is my reflection on day 2 at Camp Kaitawa. Enjoy and please leave a comment.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Kiwi Encounter

Kiwi Encounter
Arriving at Kiwi creche for the first time feels awesome. Slide goes the door. Then we’re waiting for all 28 of us. Now we slide it the other way (that was for when a predator comes in.) Then we walk to a little shelter where all the kiwis stay when they are under 9 months then they are let free. They made this creche because in the wild 5% survive but in the creche 70% survive. The other 30% drown or get killed by a hawk. We pass around the kiwi egg. Did you know that a kiwi egg is 1/3 of a kiwi? Then we saw it, the KIWI! She holds the kiwi in her hands. It has rough feathers and sharp claws. The sharp claws are the only way it could defend itself. She did not only get the kiwi for us but to change the band on his foot. When I pat the kiwi the feathers were as rough as a silver fern. Did you know that the kiwi clicks it beak like a electric fence when it is angry? We get back on the minibus and flee. It was awesome to touch a kiwi.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Pyjama Time

This is a film we made when we got up in the morning before breakfast at camp Kaitiawa.The people in this trailer are Liam, Henry, Joshua and me.
Pyjama Time from Room16 Parkvale on Vimeo.
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