Tuesday, June 18, 2013


I crawl through on my hands and knees it feels awesome. Caving is super fun seeing wetas and glow worms and walking through caves and squeezing through tight gaps. This is a great experience. Wow look how many wetas there  are, there is heaps and heaps of them. Wow Josh “look how big that weta is it is about the size of my hand” now I turn to look at the other side look there is a hole family of wetas in this cave we can see heaps of all shapes and sizes there is a big weta crawling on his small feet that one is not as big as the one we saw before. We have finally end. That was a awesome cave now we stop we have just about finished. Last cave. We walk through the first half this cave is very long I say in my head. Now I can see Miss Hill I can see she is telling Crighton to go down carefully. He does. The next thing I hear is Mr M screaming his head off because of the water. Now it is my turn I try to keep my feet dry so I follow Henry and sit and move my way across but in the middle of this brilliant idea we had to hope down because I might have broken my leg. So I walked through the icky sticky water I do not blame Mr M for screaming it  is revolting nothing but revolting icky sticky water. Now it feels like I am walking on jelly but the fun is not over.

Now we get to go down a rope into a pitch black hole I can’t wait we are all so excited now it is my turn I freak out I grip the rope lower and lower I go. Now I can not go any further. I’m here now I walk to the back and see David inside so I chose to go down another hole. I squeeze my myself and finally get through. It feels quite  awesome to of got this opportunity. Now we crawl through the holes then climb out. Then Crighton shows us out. Then all of a sudden all the torches turn off in a flash just as someone came out we scare them (but they don’t look so scared.) Then we climb down the ladder and sprint to the car that was an awesome experience I say in my head.


  1. Nice work Sam,
    You have put some cool photos on.
    I like the start of your writing.
    Well done.

  2. Well done, Samuel.

    Your moment in time writing brought me right back into the caves. Was I really screaming that loud? That revolting, icy, muddy, smelly water!

  3. Sounds like an awesome experience Samuel. You are very lucky to have the opportunity to experience all of that - lucky to have great teachers & camp parents to take you through it all. Very descriptive writing.


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