Monday, June 24, 2013

Confidence Course and Kayaking

I had just finished the pipeline when we entered the confidence course. It was awesome.  First we jumped from stepping  stone to stepping stone. Now we moved to the long planks of wood. It was EXTREME!!!! Now we swing from bar to bar on the monkey bars. Straight after we head to the big wall and the small wall. I chose the small wall just so I have enough energy for later. Then we climb up this triangular wall and slide down the other side. Now I am onto the the tyres. I crawl through the first one knowing that it will be challenging, first one completed three to go. Straight after I could see the next part of the confidence course. It was the ropes .Jason,(nikita’s dad) suggested to flip of the rope but we were not allowed because they did not know that it was safe. So, we climbed over and it was just as fun. Now my favorite part the wire bridge second to last activity. I walked my way across doing 180’s I hopped off. Then used the rope to climb up the hill, and then sprinted back to the start.

Paddling round and round lake Kaitawa was EXTREME!!!!!“Left right left right” Henry demanded when I paddled.  David called us in we went speeding Straight to him. He showed us a few thing then we started to practice them. Then he called us in again who wants to play tag, I shouted yes then told us he was in and it was build up  tag. So we went to hide in the flax but then Mr M called us to come in so we went zooming straight to shore. Next I hoped In a kayak With Liam Then David called whoever touches the back of my kayak with their hands wins a lemonade. So me and liam were so thirsty we had to win so we tried and tried but nothing worked not even  throwing the paddle at david and asking for it back. so liam could touch him. So about after 10 minutes of trying we went in. My last person I went with was Bree after about 5 minutes of kayaking Liam and Crighton won apparently they touched David I was not watching so I do not know. then we went and wet Mrs Gibson and Mrs Patial we drove them nuts. Here are some photos of kayaking.


  1. Great Photo's Sam!
    Your writing is in present tense.
    It sounds great.
    I like how you have put the word EXTREME in you writing.
    Well done, Keep it up:-)

  2. Wow, Sam!
    You have donee a fantastic job on this post keep the great work up!

  3. Amazing reflection Sam. It looks like you liked doing everything at camp with Henry. Why did you do pretty much everything with Henry anyway?


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