Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Camp Reflection

Reflection for Camp

My goal for camp was to respect the cultural heritage.

I achieved this because I did not kick trees and snap branches.

Something I was pleased with was I completed every task (except for lou’s look out because we did not  go. )
It was awesome and because we chose to go down a rope and see some glow worms.
I really enjoyed learning all about the kereru.
Did you know that the kereru makes a loud sound when it soars through the sky?
Something I found hard was dodge-ball.
Something that made me think was the confidence course. I was thinking if I should flip or not. I flipped!

Top 5 things at camp were :
Favourite Things
Reason Why
because I loved seeing wetas and glow worms.

because of how fun going round and round talking to mates and bumping into to friends.
because it was fun hitting Josh and others but it was extremely hard to hit Teva
4. Burma trail
because of walking through the track having people grab your leg

5.kiwi crag
because of how exciting to see a kiwi and it’s egg for the first time


  1. The photo where you are upside down - is that the "flip or don't flip" moment? It looks scary. What was going through your head?

    1. Just it was going to be AWESOME!!!!!-And it was the flip

  2. Great Reflection Sam. Well done for not kicking planets and snap branches of trees.
    Keep up the the great work.

  3. Awesome Sam!
    What a great reflection.
    I like how you added in the little facts about Kereru!
    Well done:-)

  4. Wow Sam!!!!
    good job for doing a flip!


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