Friday, August 02, 2013

wilde beest writing

“Look at the crocodile, zebra,” said Zebra Number 1.
“You need to go to specsavers, it’s a log,” said Zebra 2.
“NO I don’t it’s just super foggy!!” said Zebra Number 1.
Zebra Number 1 picks up a coconut and tries to throw it at the crocodile but misses and hits Zebra 2.
“Follow me I am taking you to specsavers right now,” demands Zebra 2.
“No I am going to step on him to prove to you he is a crocodile,” said Zebra Number 1.
“Go on then!!!” said Zebra Number 2.
He bounds onto the crocodile  3, 2, 1... SNAP!!!
'While at least I did not have to spend money on his glasses" said zebra 2.  
“Look at that log,” said Zebra Number 3.
“It’s a crocodile!!” said Zebra Number 2.
“No it’s not,” said Zebra Number 3.
“Step on it,” said Zebra Number 2.
While Zebra 3 was stepping on the crocodile the Zebra Number 2 calls for his herd “ watch this,”

The End

Here is a i fake text image:

Here is a link to the video I got inspired by Wilde beest video


  1. Awesome Sam,
    You have lots of action in your
    story. I like how you used ifaketext.

  2. Super funny story! Great idea with spec savers.

  3. Awesome blog post Sam! Funny idea with the spec savers thing :-D!


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