Friday, March 15, 2013

Beach 5's

Beach 5’s
There I was standing right in the middle of the sandy field. He kicks the ball, I catch the ball. I charge up the sandy field like never before. I get tackled. I fall onto the soft sand. Suddenly I stand up and get passed the ball again. Rapidly I sprint then dive straight over the try line. We won 3 to 2. We ended up winning  our pool so we went into the championship division and in the division was Peterhead, Flaxmere, Maraenui and Parkvale. We ended up coming third overall so I was pretty pleased.  
I scored many tries and made many tackles. 



  1. Sam, great report on your participation and your teams achievements at the Beach Five Rugby competition. I would love to read some more on your games against Peterhead and Flaxmere as I was unable to watch those games.

  2. Excellent reflecting Sam. I love the way you have used short sharp sentences. It really speeds up the action when your reading it. I also like the title of your photos. Very catchy!

  3. Great work Sam I like how you have the photos it helps alot for the reader

  4. Awesome blogpost Sam!
    I love how you made a blogpost with photos so that the world can see how much fun you had.

  5. Cool post Sam. How many tries did you scire

  6. wow looks like you did well cool!!!!!!


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