Tuesday, March 12, 2013

the ordinary day

On the same ordinary day at the the ordinary skate bowl was a new funky colourful skateboarder. We all just stopped and stared as he went up and down the ordinary skate park. Everybody  asking so much ordinary questions. He said stop the ordinary ,have a bit  of imagination we all said what's that its sort of a dream he replied, so we shut our eyes and I loved my dream I dreamed I could backflip  360 barspin and still land on my ordinary scooter.  

All of a sudden I went colorful so did my scooter it was extraordinary it was like a new life dropped in and then I came up and I backflip 360 barspin it was extraordinary. It felt like I could do anything.  
by Samuel Halford


  1. your in mid air samel:)

  2. I"m sure you can do anything Sam! What a great story. I love the ordinary book.

  3. Sam, you really captured a special ingredient from the Ordinary book and created a story which is truly you!

    You have achieved the purpose of entertaining the reader! By having a beginning, middle and end you keep the reader hooked. Well done!

  4. It sounds great It was like in my story.
    It was you the new classmate.
    So I thought that was extraordinary.
    Keep up the good work because it is great.
    Well done.

  5. well done SAM i like how you felt

  6. Really enjoyed this writing Sam, you really made the black & white ordinary world come alive into something extraordinary.

  7. Awesome Sam.
    This is a great story.
    Do you wish you could do a backflip 360 barspin in real life?
    Well done and keep it up.

  8. Wow Sam, I liked it how you used your imagination.

  9. Awesome story Sam!
    Can you actually backflip 360 bar out of a bowl.
    Also it looks like you can do anything because you can jump really high on your scooter!


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