Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Bull Run

This is my picture of an activity that my reading group the  X-men did. We read a book called the bull run 
then we drew and coloured in a picture of a bull. All the ways that it is described by the author Paul Mason. This is my picture of the bull. 


  1. Wow sam you are a good drawer.
    I like the tail.
    From Henry :0

  2. Awesome Sam,
    I love the drawing of the bull.
    Did the book have lots of action
    in it?

  3. Your drawing of the bull is excellent, Sam.

    You have included lots of the rich words the author used to describe the bull. Well done. I like how you made a connection to this story when we had a misty morning the other day.

  4. Good job Sam. That's an really good drawing. I wonder what your going to do next time?

  5. cool drawing sam wonder what your going to do next time

  6. Cool bull and I like how you made its face all angry great job.

  7. Awesome Sam!
    I love your bull.
    I like how you have labeled the parts.
    Was it hard to draw?
    Well done:-)

  8. Like your picture of a bull on a story called The Bull Run and you have some great details on a bull there Sam. Keep up the excellent work.


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