Wednesday, October 16, 2013


As I walk through the forest at Zealandia I found two weta hotels, one weta hotel had a massive weta. Next  we come to all these sounds of all the different sounds of the birds we have to try and find. The first bird we  have to find is a small black duck and I found two while we were walking along the bridge to the Takahe enclosure.  But sadly we didn't find any Takahes.  Then while  are walking on the track we saw these  enclosure for little green Geckos, we found 3. Then we saw the kakas being fed there was five of them. Shortly we were walking up the track and we came to a suspension bridge every time I jumped on it it wobbled.  We were walking back then  we come to the Tuatara enclosure and a couple of steps along the fence  we saw a tuatara sun bathing  we carry on walking but we don’t find another tuatara. Here are some photos of the kaka and the tuatara. I just about had one of a bell bird but Matthew spoke because he   thought I had taken it.

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