Friday, May 17, 2013

My 10TH birthday

Unwrapping the first of my presents. So excited I can’t stay still I just can’t!!! It feels like I am a presenter. “What will I do with all my wonderful presents?” I say to myself.

Cake time, I hope it is a triple layer ice-cream cake. Ohhh it’s not though, it is a single layered chocolate cake with white chocolate crunchie
and marshmallows. “ I can’t wait.” Second best cake ever!!

Now tea time. “A Zinger burger, chips and potato and gravy would be delightful,” I tell mum.
“And popcorn chicken!!!” Matt yells as she drives off. I can’t wait. The best birthday ever. yum yum!! I am so full I couldn’t eat a meringue oozing with chocolate.  


  1. This writing made me very hungry, Samuel.

    You are very good at capturing the moment and your writing has lots of personality!

    1. thanks I just hope it does not make me hungry!!


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